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Rising Army



Your appointed time to rise up in the Kingdom of God is now! The hour has come for you to rise up in the fullness of His power and authority that has been given to you in Christ alone. No longer are you to walk as little children who are waiting on the promise of His Kingdom to manifest, but you are to rise up as mature Sons and Daughters of God who have already received the promise and are already walking in the fullness of Kingdom power and authority. The Lord has called you forth because it is the appointed time for you to walk in full demonstration of the Kingdom.

Until now, you have only grasped a small portion of the truth of His Kingdom and what lies within you. Our goal at Cathedral of Truth is to empower you in all things Kingdom, so that you are able to rise up and take your rightful place in God. In this hour, He is raising up an army of soldiers, which consists of His beloved Sons and Daughters who are the rightful heirs of the Kingdom. It is this beloved army of God that shall displace the enemies of God from all sectors of authority in our society and rise in dominion to rule with Christ.  It is this army that God is calling and appointing you to in this hour. Are you ready to rise up and take the land? If you are, Cathedral of Truth is the place that has what you need. We are dedicated to equipping, training, and empowering the Five-fold Ministry for such a times as this. If you have identified your call or perhaps need help identifying your call to the Five-fold Ministry, we invite you to allow Cathedral of Truth to assist you in bridging that gap. We are not only in your corner, but we share your passion for the Kingdom. So rise up Sons and Daughters because the Kingdom awaits you!





Prophetic Word

October 2017

"Be Assured that I am working in perfect timing for You. I have set Your Course and timed each step, so stand now and know that Your much needed answer will not be late, saith the Spirit of the Lord Your GOD!"



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