Our Mission
Cathedral of Truth is dedicated to bringing hope to a dying world. Through evangelism, it is our mission to see the lives of men, women and children transformed by the truth of the Gospel, placing them on the right path to a spiritual maturity through education and training.  As lives are changed and hope restored we will make ready men, women and children who are fit for the Master's use.

Our Vision T.R.U.T.H

Training and Development- 
Commitment to taking the Gospel to the World by teaching Godly Principles, theological training, and leadership classes, thus equipping the people of God for this last end-time harvest.
Brining restoration and restitution to those trapped and help captive by the snares of the enemy.
Coming together as a local body to carry out a global vision of a Body fitly joined together.
Totality of Man-
Our aim is to reach every part of man with the power of the gospel.
Hope, Holiness, and Healing-
Our mission is to bring hope to a dying world, bear fruit that remain and bring healing to all that are hurting.

Our Philosophy is to exalt the Lord, so that He can draw mankind to Himself, to equip the saints for Kingdom service, evangelize our community, reach out to the lost and empower the weak to live strong and productive lives.


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