Apostle Joshua Stewart is the Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Truth and Presiding Prelate of Apostolic Kingdom Network Equipping Worldwide (A.K.N.E.W.) He is the renowned author of one of the most sought after books in the nation "Church Government." Apostle Stewart is known all over the country for being a "Leader’s Leader." It was through his personal and traumatic experiences that God raised him up in these last days with an apostolic and prophetic mandate. Apostle Stewart has a God-given assignment in the Body of Christ to train and develop those in leadership.

Apostle Joshua Stewart is a theologian, scholar and erudite by right. He holds an earned Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Theology as well as a Ph.D. in Theology from Logos University. Apostle Stewart has also done postgraduate studies in the D. Min. Program at Houston Graduate School of Theology. He is known nationwide for his invigorating and electrifying style of preaching. The revelation knowledge that he walks in astonishes those he encounters. His unique style of ministry has a mixture of biblical scholarship with an old-fashioned deliverance anointing, leaving thousands with a life changing experience.

Apostle Joshua Stewart is becoming one of the most premier voices in the nation with keen prophetic accuracy. Apostle is also the proud father of Destiny Chante', Caleb Jo'el and Cacey Jordan. He is indeed a man set aside by God for such a time as this. 

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