Training an Army
Being stuck in a rut is no fun! Whether you are stuck, hindered, or stagnated on any level and in any circumstance, it is not the place any of us desire to be. An army that is unable to progress and advance to new ground, is already defeated because it presents no real threat to a superior rival. But at Cathedral of Truth, we are always on the move and covering new ground for Kingdom advancement.

Cathedral of Truth believes that all leaders should be leading the way as light, which shines brilliantly in darkness while sharing the glory of His Kingdom with others. Our goal is to see you rise up from obscurity and be revealed openly as the anticipated Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom. 

In our earnest desire to see each of you rise up in Christ, we have made various articles and videos available on this page, free of charge, to all viewers who would love to read and hear Apostle Joshua Stewart’s insight on many subject matters. Enjoy and be blessed!

Articles 2017
"Good Work Habits Produce A Good Harvest"
"His Grace Is Sufficient"
"You Are Nothing Less Than Great"

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